Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's coming up for the Moonlit Librarian

Hello!  A question for my fellow Google Blogger/Blogspot users: What do you think of the new blogging interface?  Personally, I can't stand it.  It's too white, with poor use of space, and a strangely long loading time.  I've also had trouble finding some things.  Then, when I added a photo to this post, everything started dancing wildly, moving around to places where it did not need to be.

This is a bit of a teaser post, for what's coming up on the blog.

  • I've finished Jonathan Maberry's latest YA novel, Flesh & Bone. Finally, a book that I was looking forward to, that met my expectations! Expect that review soon, probably Sunday or Monday.
And I swear, this time I did not balk at rhinoceroses in zombie novels.
  •  The rest of the reviews for this month will probably be about audiobooks.  In the physical realm of books, I'm going to try and get ready for my October feature.  I'm hoping that it will be awesome, and that you, my dear readers, will enjoy it greatly.
Also, I did a little designing and made a background banner for the title area of my blog.  ^_^  Isn't it nice?  I'd love to get a photo of one of my libraries in the moonlight, but both have west-facing windows and I'm not going to be up so early as to catch a moonset just for a photo.  Ah well.

(If you're here for Feature and Follow Friday, I wasn't interested in the question this week.  But thanks for stopping by!  Consider this my FFF post. ^_^ )

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