About Me: By profession, I'm a librarian, MLIS after my name and all.  I work at two libraries.
Beyond that, I'm 31 years old, and live with my partner.  I lost my cat to chronic renal failure almost three years ago, and still miss her horribly.  I'm a tabletop gamer and I am part of a Middle Eastern dance troupe, which illustrate how diverse my interests can be.

About the Small Town Public Library: I am the new library director at a Class III library in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, serving an area of a bit more than 7,600 residents.  It is in my father's hometown, with loads of small-town charm.

About the School Library: I had the immense pleasure of putting together a new library for a public charter school in the summer of 2010.  I continue to take great pleasure in being the school librarian, with all that entails.  The school is K-12 and serves roughly 260 students.  It is located somewhere in the beautiful middle of the nowhere known as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

About this Blog: I started this blog in the summer of 2010 with the intent to document creating a new school library.  That didn't happen because I was too busy with that project!  Now, I review books of interest to my students, and share little tidbits of my moonlit librarian life.

About the Books Reviewed: Unless otherwise noted, all books reviewed here are borrowed from my local public library (including through interlibrary loan) or from one of my libraries.  If I receive the book as a donation, especially from the author, you will certainly hear about it!  All books I receive for review will be given to the school library, or the small public library I'm now in charge of.  Eventually I would like to be able to receive books to review from publishers, but this blog is a bit too unestablished for such lofty ambitions at the present time.
I'm happy to review self-published works provided that they are by local authors or are set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
I read a variety of books for juvenile and young adult audiences.  Personally, I like fantasy, "soft" science fiction, dystopian fiction, GLBT fiction, realistic fiction, and a smattering of other genres.  I will not read romance novels.

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