Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yay for YA: Endlessly review

There's quite an irony in naming the last book in a trilogy, the end of the story (as sworn by the author herself), "Endlessly."  But perhaps it's optimistic, that we readers will love it endlessly.  That optimism is met with my feelings about this final book about Evie.

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Checkouts: Definitely coming soon to the school library
Series checkouts: 5
Typical reader: Fans of the series
Source: ARC from Snowbound Books

Synopsis (Spoiler-free!): Evie is a busy girl, with a new IPCA director after her, plenty of people to rescue in various ways, and a weird request from the paranormals in her life that she's not sure she wants to fulfill.

My Goodreads rating: 5 stars

I thought this was a great end to Evie's story!  I've read a few reviews that said that this book went on endlessly, and was too long and drawn-out.  Um, who do you want to not get rescued by Evie?  It seemed to me that everything was necessary.  Even the part where (minor spoiler) Reth prolongs Evie's trip to the realm of the Unseelie Court to show her all that the bad faeries do, which Evie felt to be superfluous and solely for Reth's own goals, was pretty important in the long run.

I've enjoyed Evie's personality and growth throughout the series.  This trilogy has consistently been an excellent blend of serious and fluff.  It's amused me and pleased me.  It avoids the pitfalls of a lot of YA paranormal romance, in not having a love triangle and being sensible about the stalker-y but good-looking ex-boyfriend.

This finale to Evie's story was really good, and I look forward to what else Ms. White will produce in the future.  Flood and Stone, expected next year, seems particularly promising; the daughter of Ancient Egyptian gods sounds right up the alley of my mythology fans.

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