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Yay for YA: Supernaturally review

A few months ago I reviewed the first in this series, Paranormalcy.  You can find the review here.  Here's my take on Supernaturally, the second book.
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Synopsis: Evie is living the normal life she's always wanted, complete with a locker.  Then Raquel contacts her, and offers her freelance opportunities at the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA).  With the dubious assistance of a faerie-raised human named Jack who can travel through the Faerie Paths, she takes the jobs, and finds all sorts of new trouble and dark, old secrets.

My Goodreads rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell, this is just as good as its predecessor.  I love Evie's voice throughout the narrative.  She's refreshingly sassy and smart, yet realistic.  Cut out all the fantasy elements, and you'd have a normal girl living a normal life, hating gym class, hanging with friends, and trying to get into only her top choice of universities.

Her love for Lend and desire to be with him is mostly cute and sweet, but there's also the very teenaged problem of thinking they have to go to the same university or it will be an absolute tragedy.  There's also the issue of how he doesn't like the idea of her working for IPCA again, and she goes behind his back and deceives him.  They need to work on their communication skills.  But who doesn't, right?

Reth is back, causing more problems for his ex-girlfriend, who stills hates him and wants nothing to do with him.  Added to the mix is the absolute screwball, Jack, who drives Evie nuts but takes her to cool places, not just her missions for IPCA.  Despite Lend's jealousy toward the enigmatic Jack, as with the first book, there's no stupid love triangle.  I applaud Ms. White for that.

There's a lot going on in the action of the plot.  What are those bleeping faeries up to now?  Why can't they just leave Evie alone?  But we do get some more answers and resolutions, including a bit about Evie's past.

I'm looking forward to the final book in the trilogy, Endlessly.  I already snagged an ARC from Snowbound for it, but I'm trying to be good and wait until closer to the release date to read that.  This is a fluffy, fun series, and I'm sorry that it's only a trilogy.

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