Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Excuses, excuses ...

I would love to have posted several reviews in the space of time between when I announced my giveaway winner and now.  I even have one in the works, about Between Shades of Gray.  However, there are several things working against me.  Here are my excuses.

  1. I've moved.  Sort of.  Due to the harsh U.P. winter, I am now renting a place within walking distance of my main job (the school/public library) from a friend's parents while her grandma is gone for a couple months as a snowbird.  My good, big computer is still at my parents' house, which I stay at on Fridays for my other job (the charter school library) and Saturdays (my day off).  While I do have my darling netbook here with me, it is not up to all the marvelous things my desktop can do.  This apparently includes signing into both my alumni email account and my Gmail account that's connected to this blog, on Friefox simultaneously.  Sometimes.  It's complicated.  I can get into my Google Reader (tied to this) just fine with both accounts on, but when I try to go to Blogger, it pitches a fit because the alumni account can't do that.  Gah!  Technology.
  2. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to write a review of a hard-hitting book like Between Shades of Gray.  Currently, it's become a very nerdy, librarian-y, historical geeky review of it, rather than something about the story.  Hopefully I'll figure out what I want in this review and get it up soon.
  3. I have a book fair this week.  If you've followed this blog for a while, you probably know that I get super-busy at that time, and then post the swag that I was able to get for the charter school library with our Scholastic Dollars.  It's so worthwhile, but oh, so time-consuming.
  4. Laziness.
Hopefully I'll soon get things together and tell you about the good books (and not-so-good books) I've read lately, and show off the delicious books that I'll be putting in the library.  Until then, stay warm.  And be thankful you don't live in a place where the snow never stops.


  1. Loved loved Between Shades of Gray. Here is my review if you are interested:

    And also we had some great discussions about this book at the YA Book Club if you want to read through those also:

    Can't wait to see what you have to say!