Saturday, June 2, 2012

A librarian moonlights as a librarian!

Starting next week, I will once again be working two librarian jobs!  It's so exciting.  I've been hired by a school/public library as a library aide.

"What's a school/public library?" you might be asking.  This is a type of library that is housed in, and serves, a school, but also is open to the general public.  The particular library I'll be working at is funded 50% by the grades 7-12 school, and 50% by the county through millage, state aid, and other means.  Yes, I did say county.  This library, as well as several other school/public libraries here in the vast, rural landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, serve entire counties.

This is going to be a great adventure, full of commuting, summer reading programming (jumping right into that!), and all sorts of new experiences with a new demographic of patrons - some of which I have worked with before, when I was the digital librarian for the regional cooperative.

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