Monday, May 14, 2012

I won a giveaway! ... and other matters

I don't interact terribly with the blogging community - I read a lot of book bloggers' reviews, and comment sometimes, but I don't typically participate in memes and such.  But I should probably share that I won an awesome giveaway from Authors Are Rockstars!  Really.  You can hear about it here, as well as enter another drawing Michelle and Allison are having.  The prize pack sounds amazing, and will make great summer reading/blogging material before I donate most, if not all, of it to the school library.  Thanks again, Michelle and Allison!

Secondly.  There's been a bit of a flap in recent weeks about a well-known blog that plagiarized other blogs.  While I can certainly give a librarian's lecture on the subject, and support those who are boycotting the offending blog, I have to wince about the coverage everyone's giving the matter.  Know what happens when something gets press?

It becomes more popular.

This became obvious to me when a local public library's teen blog posted a blurb with the plagiarizing blog's logo and links, touting it as a great place to hear about new YA books and enter giveaways.  I face-palmed.  And then I quietly sent them a Facebook message letting them know about the matter.  They thanked me.

On the one hand, yeah, people need to get the word out about what's going on.  On the other, any press is good press.

Do I have a solution?  Nope.  I'm just putting my two cents in, while not naming anyone involved.  And still not participating in the blogger's popular meme, or any copycats.

Tonight the computer game Diablo III is being released.  My epically sweet boyfriend pre-ordered a copy for me.  Please don't expect any reviews any time soon (though I am slogging my way through The Scorpio Races).  But maybe I'll end up reviewing the game!

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